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The Passage of Time


People diagnosed with dementia often 

have a distorted sense of time passing.

They can sometimes live in their past, 

even reverting back to first languages.


And family members may be left baffled 

not knowing what to do. 


So as a solution, I've created an improv, role-playing game to provide education and familiarize individuals, families and caregivers affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias nationwide.Each card will also have an informational text regarding Alzheimer's disease, and how time perception works in dementia. 

Why role-playing game?

Those affected by dementia will eventually go back in time,

whether it's their glorious career years, or their childhood.

It comes and goes at a very unexpected time. Individuals,

family members should be able to play along with them.

By playing this improv/role-playing game, it can help educate and familiarize themselves about the Alzheimer's disease.


The game can be bought as a physical card game, or as a digital platform.

Every purchase made will be donated as a fund research for better treatment 

and a cure. 

Created using Adobe XD

How to play.png

Because of the improv feature of this game, it can easily be played with others via twitch platform, also creating an exposure.

Admins of the Channel can also decide to collect donations for a preferred Alzheimer's disease organization such as The Alzheimer’s Association, and The Alzheimer's Foundation of America.   


Creating awareness does not have to be dull and heavy.
TPOT- The Passage of Time

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