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Smartphones are becoming even more powerful AR machines with spatial sensors that will create more AR use cases involving new, engaging, effective ways for consumers to interact with brands. 


This is just the start of our avatars engaging in digital worlds. I suspect that this year we will see some major moves from Facebook , Snapchat, Samsung and Apple as they all race to update their platform with new ways to use them. 


As a AR/VR practitioner, and a tech nerd, I want to use this space to invite you to some of my sketches, thoughts, and upcoming VR games.


This is one of the example where brands can use location based AR to create experiences for consumers to interact with them. As to briefly use Johan Huizinga's Homo Ludens statement, "play incorporates descriptions of nature and human action...and of competition,"it is in our nature to be competitive and be driven by rewards. There’s more to Huizinga’s point, and will write more about this separately, but for now, I just want to say that gamification using location based AR just became much easier and brands should take advantage of this technology to create contents that engages audience visually and disrupt in a way that user experience can be playful and less invasive. 

Used Blender for 3d model, Photoshop for UV Mapping Label, and location based AR.js for placing the model to the designated location.

Another AR usage — in this case would be travel agencies, or similar industries where brands can really get consumers to engage with a "not so physical, Digital world."

Here, I've create a small "portal" to Italy, and by walking into this dimension, you can really get a sense of  Italian streets — also can act as a call to action. 

This AR dimension method have so much potential, and can be used in multiple different ways. 

What if, there was an entire dimension where people can enter and actually experience in a digital space.

Not only it would save space in the real world but this can actually be the next brand "booth" or "ice cream museum" etc. We just have to play it right. 

Used photoshop for Cubemap (getting the images), and coded in Swift for AR Portal

WIP VR game I'm making. Stay tuned!

for those who have VR headset, I'll need you to beta test for me please :)


Blender Sketches


P5.js Coding Sketches

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