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There are around 3.5 million people in Indonesia who suffers from cataracts — and most of these sufferers can’t afford the surgery.

How can we get everyone who has some money, to donate to the foundation.

Internet has become a major source of information and the main medium for a communication. It helps us to see the world out there. But sometimes we become bothered with slow or no internet connectivity.

On the other side of the world, hindrance and anxiousness is a different story.


Because we want people to know that they CAN help by joining the wifi, 

billboards, posters, digital boards will be placed in places where people use wifi the most.

By joining Eye-Fi, you're not only contributing and helping those in need of help but also getting the access to the fast internet connection— faster connection = surgery for the sufferers

Eye-Fi sticker will be placed in front of cafes, and other local business to create an awareness, and to show that they support the foundation.

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