D&AD student submission

The highest rates of STIs diagnoses are regularly seen in people who fall between
the ages of 16 to 24 year. SO! I came up with, "It's Worth It," campaign. It’s Worth It because it prevents a lot of STIs and unwanted pregnancies AND let people know that using Durex condom is deserving, winning and that It's Worth It in any place
at any time. I wanted this to be fun, enlightening, memorable experience for people as well as educating them about others about healthy and safe sex.

Durex will be strategically placing an installation art "disposed condom" in public places, such as Bars, Motels, public bathrooms, parking lot, etc. where sex is most likely to occur.

Each location themed microsites will have their own contents where people can view, share, and like other people’s sex stories. The most popular stories will be found at the top of the site's contents. This will enlighten others about healthy and safe sex as well as how the use of Durex condom can be desirable and fun-filled. 

Once the sex story is posted, the unique complimentary digital condom will be sent via an E-mail or a Text Message which will be subsequently used as a Durex condoms will always stay fresh and new, and this makes it more comfortable for anyone to carry their condom; however, they prefer and use it whenever they need it.  of exchange with the physical product.

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